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"Clean Collagen is a world-first innovation in plant-based regenerative skincare. Natural retinol combined with collagen promoting compounds, derived from pure plant extracts, heal skin at a cellular level. Scientifically proven to be as effective as cosmeceuticals - without chemicals or cruelty."

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Absolutely loving this product. My skin has cleared, is more plump, soft and hydrated after only a week. It’s such a gorgeous product to use and feels amazing on the skin. I haven’t come across a product with such visible results in a long time... this will be my go-to product from now on.

Lynn, The Beauty Advent Calendar

It’s been a long time since a product has impressed me. Both my partner and myself are absolutely hooked on this serum. The fact that this product does everything I need it to at night time means my skincare routine has been cut in half. I love how it feels and the thing that impressed me the most is how my skin looks the next morning! Incredible!

Ruchi P

I have always used natural products on my skin—with mixed results. After trying Terra Tonics, "I am never using anything else. At first I was unsure, as I felt naked without moisturiser—just serum didn't feel like enough moisture. But after a week or two, my skin adjusted and now it feels and looks plumper and fresher—even after a big night out. It smells lovely, too.

Melissa H

I have been using the Clean Collagen Serum for about a good month now and I am in loveeeee. Before trying the Clean Collagen, my night time skin routine was 3, maybe 4 or 5 steps if my skin was feeling dry. My night routine is now cut down to 2 steps, (maybe 3 steps if I'm feeling fancy). I love this because 1: I'm already lazy, and 2: if I'm working 12-15 hour days, my sleeping time is hella precious so I don't have time to layer 4 skin products.

Josie H

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