How to have healthy skin that lasts

Did you know your liver has a direct impact on your skin?

Your skin is often a reflection of what’s happening on the inside. Glowing skin isn’t just about what we put on it but also about what we put into our bodies.

One of our core beliefs at Terra Tonics is that it’s more logical and scientific to treat the deeper causes of these skin problems than it is to suppress the symptoms. Our clean active ingredients will repair your skin at the cellular level but you also want to be supporting your entire system to help prevent symptoms from occurring in the first place.

Your liver is one of the key organs that is directly linked to skin health

When it's not doing its job of breaking down toxins efficiently then they are eliminated from your body by other means – in many cases, this results in them coming out through your skin.

Signs that your liver is affecting your skin

A skin tone that's patchy or uneven
Dull sallow skin
Overly dry skin
Oily skin

For many of us living a fast-paced lifestyle has become the norm which can place a lot of stress on our bodies. We all can recognise this but what isn't so obvious is the consistent chemical exposure, the build up of makeup, and general pollution that we encounter each day.

Your liver works hard to remove these excess toxins but there comes a point where it can become overloaded and start to push out toxins through the skin. These toxins build up in the deeper layers of the skin which is where inflammation occurs and cause a host of skin issues.

What we feed our body is vital

If you think about it we are made out of what we eat and what we are exposed to.
All the chemical additives, micro plastics, dyes, fumes, drugs, preservatives, cleaners, soaps, cheese, pizza, fizzy drinks, and other toxins in our environment directly affect our cells.

In our modern world our liver already has enough to do without us adding to its workload

There are many ways to help your liver. For those with more serious issues, it's a good option to consider a full detox/reset which we’ll cover in another article. This is great for a fresh start but we also advocate incorporating rituals into your day which creates healthy habits that will maintain liver health for the longterm.

10 ways to help clean your liver and keep it operating optimally

1 - Eat as many whole foods as possible and steer away from highly processed foods with high added sugar or salt.

Eating bitter vegetables like dark leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach are fabulous for stimulating liver detoxification, balancing hormones, and general skin health.

Other skin superfoods are fermented foods, lemon, broccoli, bananas, walnuts, pears, avocados, and watermelon.

2- Sleep. Yes! We've all heard it a million times but adequate sleep is crucial for your skin health too. It's a time for your skin to repair inflammation and damage.

3 - Keep hydrated. Drinking plenty of water and eating water rich foods hydrates your skin at the cellular level. They also help keep the liver operating well by aiding with its function of flushing out toxins.

4 - If you want to take your liver cleansing to the next level then you can incorporate some fasting.

Your body cannot cleanse if you are eating constantly. The longer you can go without food, the more energy your body can use to concentrate on detoxing and healing.

Always seek professional advice before embarking on a longer fast or starting fasts.

Some great resources are: here & here

5- Consume small amount of charcoal or bentonite clay to help absorb toxins. For more information see: here

6 - Having deep tissue massages to help release the toxins all over your body and move it along through your lymph system. Making sure to drink plenty of fluids afterwards to help flush out the toxins.

7 - Dry brushing your skin also helps with lymphatic drainage.

8 - Saunas help the body push out toxins through sweating.

9 - Sweat it out by exercising. Moving your body is an integral part of skin and liver detoxification. When you exercise, your skin perspires, and your heart races. It helps flush out unwanted waste, toxins, and impurities.

10 - Cleansing your face daily, no matter your skin type or concerns, cleansing should be a part of your daily routine, to get rid of those unwanted toxins and the daily pollutant build up.

In some cases, if you have a build up of toxins then remember it can get worse before it gets better! Don't despair when you're doing all the right things yet you see no change or things get worse for a period. It's  generally a good sign, it means that your body is purging itself of its toxic load.

By supporting the liver with its detoxification and nourishing your skin with high quality natural skincare will result in a glowing clear complexion that will last.