A Conscious Life

I'm sure you've probably seen the word 'conscious' used more and more and often in marketing.

I've seen it describe such things as:


- living
- eating
- cooking
- consumerism
- break dancing

Maybe not the last one.

It can be such an all-encompassing word, yet for me, it just means 'awareness'.

Whether it's consciousness or awareness, both words point to the significant shift that needs to happen globally. Collectively as we become more conscious of the way we live, the less harm is done to this planet and each other.

But, it can be challenging to become more conscious. I certainly don't remember any classes at school on the topic. Yet, it's probably the single most crucial aspect of our lives if we are to expand and live more fully. If we don’t work on becoming more conscious then most of our life will run on autopilot.

When we’re young we download such an incredible amount of information. Some of it is very useful, like 'look before crossing the road' and some not like, most of our unquestioned beliefs!

This information from early childhood is accepted into the subconscious mind directly without thought. It’s not until we are about seven years old that we develop a filter so we can accept or reject what we receive.

You can see the profound impact this has on our lives, as most of our days are run by our subconscious. Hence the autopilot which controls us with the beliefs and attitudes picked up as a child.

Jung, I think said it best "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate".

I've found I can shine a light on my unconscious behaviours and become more aware through certain practices that bring me into a present space and less in my head. Mornings are the perfect time for these practices.

Some of the things I do are-

+ Ayurvedic rituals to cleanse, clean and eat.

+ Movement for the wellbeing of my body and my mental health.

+ Journalling with a focus on gratitude and a place to allow my emotions and creativity.

+ Planning and organising to steer me in the direction of what I want to do and know what is most important.

+ Meditation, a habit that has become a massive part of my life in allowing me to feel free.

+ Kundalini integrations are a beautiful challenge for not only my body but also my mind. They force me to start the day challenging every part of myself and what I think I can do. This sets me up for what I might face throughout the day.

Through such practices I am more aware, ready and open. They make me feel connected to myself, which makes me feel more connected to others and nature. They play a big role in my overall well-being.

No doubt, it can feel hard making lifestyle changes. My default operating system of old can take over at times, annoying patterns that I've seen repeated in my life. In times like this, I remember that it is an endless journey of learning, and we all learn in different ways and at different speeds.

It is a joy to me now to feel that through conscious action, I can create a world for myself that I have chosen.

At Terra Tonics, we use the word 'conscious' often, and I hope that we communicate clearly why we use it and what it means for the company.

Every decision we make is made as 'consciously' as possible to benefit not just your skin but the planet and all life in a positive way. From our ingredients, packaging to just being inclusive, direct and honest with how we talk about and approach skincare.

Because conscious people make conscious companies and conscious consumers make conscious purchases.

I firmly believe that many small conscious decisions are what create a better world.