How to slow ageing & improve skin health

Hydration is probably the most important factor in ageing and skin health
We can often overlook it and think we’re doing a good job hydrating by drinking a few litres of water daily. This is a good start but hydration is not just simply about drinking water, it’s about getting water inside your cells.

Around two-thirds of your body is composed of water. The majority of that water — 66 to 70 percent — is within your cells and lymph system. We want to get living water supported by electrolytes and natural fibre into these cells.
To do that, we need consume water that has been prepared by nature’s systems of geology, microbiome, and plant kingdoms.
A staggering 50% of ageing is due to dehydration the other 50% is a loss of cellular communication. You can significantly slow down ageing and improve the appearance of your skin by hydrating your cells properly. 
Hydration is our most powerful antioxidant system

Chronic inflammation is the accumulation of oxidative compounds in every area of our body - immune system, bloodstream and cells.

This detrimental process of chronic inflammation is largely the result of a lack of hydrogen as dehydration affects every system in our body.

Without water we literally starve at the cellular level. We can not flush out toxins and reduce oxidative stress. With no fuel for maintenance and regeneration we decay. 
What we accept as normal ageing in this society can be directly linked to us not hydrating correctly. 
Five ways to improve cellular hydration

Eat your water - cucumber, celery, watermelon, and high fibre fruits.

Eat chia seeds soaked overnight.

Get your electrolytes through the skin - dunk yourself in the ocean, freshwater lakes and rivers. Don't worry if it’s cold, this is also fantastic for your skin increasing blood flow.  

Drink local spring whenever possible or the next best thing, filtered structured water. Structured water is just water put through a vortex so the molecules resemble that of spring water.

Eat healthy fats - nuts, seeds, olives, avocado, whole coconuts.

Your health and your skin health will improve when your cells are hydrated.