The 3 commandments of a healthy complexion

Have a bathroom cabinet full of skincare? I know it can just sneak up on you. You're trying this, you're trying that and the next minute, arrrr! Where did all these products come from?!

Skincare shouldn't and doesn't have to be complicated. Why make it so when the land of a healthy complexion isn't found at the end of 20 products. All you'll find there is a credit card balance you're scared to look at and a lot of waste.
And, you know what's more annoying than lockdowns? Lengthy and intricate skincare regimes which are hard to maintain and, worse, potentially cause skin irritations, especially if your products contain synthetics and fillers. 
The truth is, healthy skin is a result of fewer, more effective products not more. 
So have a look in your bathroom cabinet, there may be some things you’ll be needing to throw out and recycle! Starting with your cat. No, wait, leave the cat! Everyone calm down. 

Let's go back to basics and understand what it is your skin needs. 

Regardless of your skin, there are universal must-haves that benefit all skin types. These 3 universal commandments are: cleanse, nourish and protect. 
Cleanse - You need to remove the pollutants without stripping your skin of its natural oils. A good cleanser will nourish your skin and leave it soft. You want a cleaner that is activated fresh with each use; powder cleansers are unparalleled for this. It's exactly what Elemental Cleanser was designed to do.

Nourish - It is so vital to nourish your skin so it can naturally maintain hydration. And why do you need to nourish your skin? So your skin barrier function works correctly as most skin concerns can be traced back to an impaired skin barrier function. The main reasons your skin barrier may not be working is because it's not receiving the correct nutrients or, hold onto your cat; the products you could be using are damaging it.
An impaired skin barrier function leads to a host of skin issues, most commonly dehydrated skin. What is not so well known is that dehydrate skin doesn't just present as dry skin. It can be the cause of oily skin, breakouts or fine lines. 
To look after or heal your skin barrier function, you need to nourish it with the correct nutrients so it can retain moisture. Your skin barrier also prevents environmental toxins from getting in, such as bacteria and other boogymen that live in the dark lands outside your bathroom. 
Once you complete these two steps, cleanse and nourish, your skin has the right conditions to thrive. If fewer, more effective products produce these results, why then would you keep adding more and more products? 
Clean Collagen is made from nutrient-dense whole botanicals and nothing else. Containing the world's highest source of natural vitamin C plus the world's most powerful antioxidants, nutrients, micronutrients and phytoactives. 
So why is Clean Collagen so effective at nourishing your skin? 
As skin cells most closely resemble plant cells in function, our botanicals supply your skin with potent actives, all bound in the liquid matrix that flowed throughout the plant. This is thanks to a revolutionary extraction process that was developed right here in Australia. "That's fascinating, but what does it mean for my complexion?" I'm listening to your thoughts! You also want a vegan croissant; sadly, I can't help you with that. What does this mean for your complexion? Deep repair and nourishment for lasting results that compound over time.
Protect - Do I really have to tell you that you don't want to fry your skin in the sun??? Unfortunately, it's not the 60s anymore, and we know all too much about the sun and our face. Cover up during high UV periods and find an excellent all-natural sunscreen to wear during these times too.

You don't want to deprive yourself of sunlight though! It's bad health advice when you're told to ALWAYS wear sunscreen and cover up anytime you're in the sun. Sun and subsequent vitamin D production play a pivotal role in your overall health and mood. Not only is it ok to get early morning and late afternoon sun but it's very good for you. That's not to say, go out and tan! Equally bad advice. There are lots of apps to check the UV levels throughout the day to make sure you're not doing damage. Be aware that times vary depending on the season.
Skin protection is more than just UV damage. You also want your skincare to protect your skin from a host of internal and external factors. Clean Collagen offers protection against free radical damage caused by the sun, pollution, and environmental toxins. It also supports antioxidants and protects the internal environment for them and fatty acids to regenerate and nourish the skin rather than spend energy on just protecting the skin.

Now layering your products is super important to make sure you get the most out of each.

The simplest way to remember how to layer your products is to use the lightest to heaviest. Start by cleansing, apply your serum and wait a minute before adding oil if you want. Finish with sunscreen if required.
Done, you and your skin look gorgeous.