Better Skin, Better Future ++

It was important from the beginning to build a business that would have a positive impact. One based upon deep values, transparency and honesty. 

When making a purchase, I want to support others who create a positive impact rather than those leaving behind a negative one simply for maximum profit. So, when you buy from Terra Tonics, I want you to feel that you are creating change for the better. 

Our journey.

Where it started

We're not going to lie; choosing sustainable and organic isn't the most cost-efficient or quickest way to produce skincare products! There have been bumps along the way due to this but laying down new paths takes more time than walking old ones. 

Ways we choose to do business

Ingredients - Sustainably sourced, Wild Crafted or Organic, using Cold Liquid Extraction Closed System for all our serums. This means our extracts retain their bioavailability throughout their shelf life to heal and regenerate your skin the same way they would in the plant. 

Each one is chosen meticulously for its unique properties and benefits when working in synergy. Our Clean Collagen is a world first blend including Natural Vitamin C, Natural Retinol and botanicals that work to maintain and boost collagen production, which is why it won a gold award in the Organic Beauty Awards 2021.

No dilution, fillers, toxic chemicals or even water. No unnecessary water shipped worldwide, and no harmful ingredients are making their way into your skin and our water systems.

Packaging - We use 100% recycled/recyclable FSC certified packaging and compostable or biodegradable wherever we can. FSC certified tissue paper, stickers with soy-based inks, compostable mailer bags, limestone quarry waste (recyclable) sample pack bags, oxo-degradable cleanser sample bags and recycled paper info cards. 

We don't use those extra card notes, marketing papers, bows, and other unnecessary packaging items because we know they end up in the bin 30 seconds after opening - instead, our products are minimally wrapped and delivered safely, sustainably and consciously. 

We let our products speak for themselves.

Our footprint - We've broken down every step of our business to look at what sustainable options we can use.  




Ingredient Sourcing 

Shipping & more

We've worked hard to find local businesses to partner with to lessen our carbon footprint and support the community. We also find ways help and celebrate our mother earth - this year, I was honoured to join fellow runners in the Takayana forest to raise funds to protect that sacred land.

What's next - Our next launch we're so excited to share with you is a packaging solution we have been working on since the very beginning of Terra Tonics. We'll be the first skincare company here to use it.  

So what is it?!

Later this month, we will be offering 100% home compostable, carbon positive packaging options for all our products. This new packaging draws down carbon whilst being made and then disappears entirely into the dirt or your compost.  

We hope to inspire and pave the way for businesses to do the same, just how I was inspired when I first saw this packaging a few years ago.

Where we're headed

- Carbon positive company.

- Bcorp certified.

- A rewards scheme that supports you, the community and the planet.

I look forward to continued innovations that result in skincare that you and our planet love.