Powder vs Liquid Cleansers 

Just like Clean Collagen when formulating Elemental Cleaner our first priority was to create skincare where the actives remained as potent over its shelf life as the day it was made.

This meant for Clean Collagen and Elemental Cleanser creating formulations that contained no water.

"The second you twist open your serum or cream, the clock starts ticking: Oxygen, heat, and light begin to seep in and degrade active ingredients. You can blame the water in liquid formulas, which facilitates this breakdown when mixed with oxygen. Because powder products are waterless they can stand strong against air degradation.”

Marchbein, a clinical assistant professor of dermatology at NYU Grossman School of Medicine. 

Water is the main ingredient in 99% of cleansers

If your skincare is predominantly comprised of water then you are not getting value for money and most likely using products where the bioavailability of the ingredients are long gone.

You are buying a dramatically diluted product

Water can create a breeding ground for bacteria hence products containing water all need to have preservatives added to maintain them. 

Products that don’t contain water are undiluted and 100% active. In most cases, they also require very little or no preservatives.

Elemental Cleanser is free of chemicals and preservatives

At Terra Tonics we want to keep unnecessary chemicals away from your skin.

Removing water helps our environment too. Taking water out of the equation shrinks the water carbon footprint of any skincare product. Water based skincare is less effective and has a much shorter shelf life. Water free skincare lasts longer and is far more potent which means you use less for superior results. 

Every time you cleanse with Elemental Cleanser you’re using completely fresh ingredients that are only activated when water is added. You’re delivering bioactive compounds and antioxidants directly to your skin.

What will Elemental Cleanser do for your skin? 

+ Soothes skin
+ Detoxifies & cleanses pores 
+ Removes excess oil whilst not stripping skin of its natural oils 
+ Removes pollutants 
+ Locks in moisture
+ Helps promote collagen production 
+ Powerful antioxidant 
+ Balance skins natural PH
+ Anti inflation
+ Helps prevent acne  
+ Aids conditions like eczema & dermatitis
+ Removes most makeup


 "A beautiful gentle effective cleanser

The Elemental Cleanser is very deserving of hype as it's such a gorgeous powder cleanser you add water to and foams up beautifully.  It is so gentle on the skin but has no problem removing my SPF or makeup. It's great for dry skin and protects the skin barrier. It contains Schisandra Berry which is packed with tons of antioxidants.  I love powder cleansers as they really reduce the carbon footprint given that most cleansers are mostly 98% water anyway, powder cleansers are the way forward."

Kayleigh H


"Excellent product

The cleanser leaves the face perfectly clean without drying out the skin."

Charlotte R