Why you should never use moisturiser again

Yes, a bold claim and one that will probably sound counter-intuitive to many of you.

It is probably contrary to what you’ve been told in the past, I know it was for me.

I always took for gospel that for moisturised skin I had to apply a serum or oil and then lock that in with another layer of moisturiser. I’d always cleanse, then use a toner, eye cream, serum, and moisturiser. So many unnecessary steps!

Though I was using all these products and following all the recommended steps to the letter I never saw any great change in my skin. Or if I did, it was always shorted lived.

It wasn't until I dramatically cut back on my skincare products and started researching and formulating my skincare did I start to see an improvement.

During this process, I found myself using just two products - one to remove impurities and one to nourish the skin.

Why are we even applying moisturiser in the first place? Is it not because we feel our skin is dry?

To understand dry skin, or more accurately, dehydrated skin, we have to drill down to understand what the underlying cause is. For the majority of people, dehydrated skin is generally connected to a damaged skin barrier function.

In fact, the majority of skin issues can be linked to a damaged skin barrier.

It’s not surprising that so many peoples skin barrier function is disrupted with the number of toxins we live within our day to day environment and the number of toxins we unknowingly place on our skin.

With dehydrated skin, in particular, it occurs when the oily lipids in the dermal barrier stop functioning and the skin’s natural moisturising process is disturbed. The good news is when given the right nutrients and conditions the majority of people’s dry skin issues can be completely healed.

So why don't moisturisers work and why do you want to get rid of them altogether?

The reason you want to avoid moisturises is that when you place moisture on the skin, the skin cells receive a signal that they’re hydrated from the outside and down-regulate their natural hydration processes. The result? Skin cells that no longer hydrate normally from the inside.

So begins a never-ending cycle of needing more and more moisturiser to avoid dry skin. You’re feeding the symptom and not addressing the cause. Companies make a lot of money off symptoms.

To heal the skin barrier you need active living ingredients, ones proven scientifically to change the skin at the cellular level.

Once your skin barrier is healed your skin will naturally lock in moisture.

Nothing will heal your skin more quickly and retain its health and longevity than full spectrum plant compounds found in Clean Collagen. These plant compounds are bio-active (a fancy way of saying ‘alive') and work on healing and regenerating your skin as they are designed to do by nature.

Plants endlessly heal and regenerate themselves and so does our skin when we remove the roadblocks that prevent it from functioning normally.

Clean Collagen can heal your issues with dry skin, usually within two weeks.

Another important factor with your skin barrier is not using harsh cleansers that strip your skin of its natural oils and unbalancing its PH level. Elemental Cleanser is incredibly gentle on your skin.

So many skin conditions can be resolved by removing the triggers which are causing the issues in the first place and replacing them with the right nutrients.

It’s never about adding more skincare products but finding one that works.