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The 'fountain of youth' conjures images of the eternal search to slow down the march of time. But is there wisdom in this ancient phrase? Water, after all, is the planet's lifeblood, an eternal force that sustains all life.

Did you know that a staggering 75% + of adults in the Western world suffer from chronic dehydration? This dehydration doesn't just show up on your skin but is the number one driver of premature ageing.


Because we fundamentally don't understand water, its different structures, and its vital role in our health and overall well-being.

We have become detached from the source of all life. We've reduced water to a utility 'H2O' rather than the living being that it is. Disregarding its health, our health suffers.

Luckily, that is all slowly changing with groundbreaking research and a growing interest in new ways to understand water. Yet, simply drinking more water is not the answer. The quality and structure of the water you drink are most important.

“More energy is encapsulated in every drop of good spring water than an average-sized power station is presently able to produce.” - Viktor Schauberger.




Imagine a form of water far more intricate than the familiar H2O from your tap, with a harmonious geometrical structure. This structured water, also known as energised or hexagonal water, possesses a unique molecular structure compared to the typical "de-structured" water found in most treated water supplies.

Natural processes like flowing and vortexing create structured water. Structured water does not even have the same chemical composition as tap water. Structured water is H3O2, with three hydrogen molecules paired with two oxygen molecules.

The water in our cells is H3O2. It's no surprise then that H302 is also the structure of liquids found in plants.

This is another reason why Terra Tonics serums are so potent. They are 100% undiluted plant serums (H3O2) that work with your skin's evolutionary biology. Our serums, by nature's design, are all structured and nourish your skin directly with what it is missing. Something only whole plant skincare can do.

We've become accustomed to unstructured (dead) water, forcing our bodies to expend precious energy converting H2O into H302. It's akin to trying to nourish ourselves with junk food. This subtle yet pervasive dehydration occurs when we drink tap water and unstructured filtered water. It is a driving force behind the imbalances so many of us experience.

Visualise the contrast:

- Veda Austin

The images are crystallography of frozen water. What geometric patterns would you prefer to have in your body? Instinctually, we sense the difference, the innate vitality present in one and absent in the other.

Consider your own essence. You are 99.9% composed molecularly of water. We are water beings. What are you creating yourself from daily, dead water or living water?

Structured water embodies the concept of syntropy (life-creating), the organising force within nature. It introduces a life-enhancing element into your body, leading to a more vibrant state of being. 

Tap water is the opposite and entropic (life destroying).


Numerous reports and studies show a wide range of benefits associated with consuming structured water:

  • Boosted energy levels: Optimal hydration and cellular processes contribute to increased vitality.
  • Enhanced mental clarity: Better hydration and cellular function may lead to improved focus and memory.
  • Superior hydration: Structured water's efficient delivery to cells provides a deeper level of hydration.
  • Weight management support: Improved metabolism and waste removal can aid in healthy weight maintenance.
  • Improved sleep quality: Deep hydration and cellular balance may promote more restful sleep.
  • Stronger immune system: Optimal cellular function bolsters the body's natural defences.
  • Efficient detoxification: Structured water helps flush toxins from cells and the body.


Beginning with a pure source, ideally, spring water is the best approach. If you don't have access to spring water, you can find a good filtering system that removes all the toxins.

You'll need to energise this filtered water with a touch of sea salt to re-introduce minerals. After this, structure your water to add nature's entropic force into every aspect of your being.

Many devices claim to emulate the vortexing action of a flowing stream, restoring water to its energised state. The ones we use and recommend above all others, which have many studies behind their efficacy, are the devices made by Phion.

Love and respect the water that embodies you, and it will love you back.

Want to know more about water consciousness? Delve into the incredible work of Veda Austin to learn more.