It's time for a change in beauty

Did you know that for a plastic bag to biodegrade is takes 15 years? A plastic cup 50 years and plastic bottles and containers a staggering 450 years? 
Plastics pervaded every aspect of our life

They’re in every shopping market isle, just about every product in the world contains some form of plastic. The cosmetic industry is no different, in fact it’s one of the worst offenders.

The $500 billion per year global personal care industry is reliant on plastic. 99% of items are either housed completely in plastic or wrapped in it. Just think of those billions of products being thrown away yet they are going to be here far longer than most of us. 

We are producing over 300 million tons of plastic every year and only 30% of that is recycled

Roughly 10 million tons makes its way into our oceans. Every molecule of plastic that we have ever produced is still on this planet in some form, this is a crisis not only for our planet but our individual health.

Many cosmetic products are not just housed in plastic but contain harmful microplastics

You’ll be shocked to see which products and brands contain microplastics. You can have a look here.

Aside from unknowingly placing these micro plastics on our skin they have also found their way into our food and water. In two recent studies: 1) global study and campaign from WWF and the University of Newcastle in Australia which revealed we may be ingesting as much as 5 grams of microplastic per week found in our food, water, and air and 2) another study reported in the US last week that people may be consuming up to 121,000 microplastic particles from similar sources.

It’s not yet fully known the effects on human health microplastics have

We do know that they interfere with our endocrine system which can cause genetic mutations. It’s not a long bow to draw to look at our health crises and realise that we need to start cleaning up our environments.

But it's not all doom and gloom

Though innovation in sustainable products are usually driven from the ground up by small companies we are seeing some mega companies committing to significant improvement. L’Oreal is aiming to make 100 percent of their packaging reusable, refillable, or compostable by 2025, and to source 50 percent of that packaging from recycled material. Depending on the choice of sustainable materials, this is a massive step in the right direction.

At Terra Tonics sustainability was key for us from day one

Not only did we want to make skincare that was unparalleled, undiluted and free from chemicals but also as sustainable as possible. However our goal of sustainability is not enough, we want to make Terra Tonics truly regenerative meaning, that it has an environmentally and socially positive impact on the planet and people.

We’ll be announcing news on all our packaging very soon which brings us a step closer to our regenerative goal and a recycling program for our plastics.

Finding creative solutions to the current unsustainable single-use product excites us

We believe that human beings have a unique ability to innovate and create positive change in times of crisis.

The future is as bright as we make it.