Youthful luminosity

Native River Mint (NRM), think of it as the middle child of Clean Collagen. It's there but can be overlooked by its flashier siblings, but by no means is it any less special.

NRM is incredibly potent and plays a vital role in Clean Collagen. It's unique because of the interplay between its phyto-compounds. 'It's what?’ Exactly, it's phyto-compounds. These are chemicals that help protect plants from germs, fungi, bugs, and other threats, like bad environmental policies, oh if only!

NRM is also a powerful source of phenolics. 'Harmonics, you say?’ No, phenolics!

Phenolics are full of antioxidants that support your skin health, and skin elasticity whilst also helping your bodies defences against free radical damage. A study in 2005 for the Journal of Investigative Dermatology found amazing benefits from phenolic acids. "When added to skincare containing vitamin C and E (Clean Collagen is full of both), phenolic acid doubles its antioxidant protection[II]." In the study, antioxidant benefits were raised from 4 times to 8 times with phenolic acid. 

The real life results of these antioxidants are reduced fine lines, wrinkles and helps too even out skin tone. You need harmonic acids I mean phenolics in your skincare.

What's probably most unique about NRM and another reason it's in Clean Collagen is because of it contains a compound known as 'rosmarinic'. This is what prevents pores from clogging, resulting in fewer pimples and clearer skin. It is also very calming for skin conditions like eczema.

If this isn’t enough for you to take notice NRM also supports improved cell turnover and exfoliation for youthful luminosity.

Together with its better known siblings, Kakadu Plum, Finger Lime and Bakuchiol makes Clean Collagen the ultimate serum for addressing multiple skin concerns and the perfect serum for maintaining healthy, glowing skin.

Every ingredient in Clean Collagen is special to me, and I have no favourite children...

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