Is less skincare better?

Traditional skincare generally tells us we need around 3 steps or more for healthy skin.

Many skincare routines have so many steps it can get confusing at to what you actually need any of them for.

Have you ever stopped to wonder - if the rest of our body regulates itself so well when given the right nutrients then why does our skin require so much help? 

Well, we did!

What does our skin really need? 

Only two things - To be cleaned and to be nourished.

Anything else is an invention of advertising.

Toners, moisturisers and aggressive acids can damage your longterm skin health and make existing concerns, over the longterm, worse.

As we’ve talked about in other articles, one of the main keys to healthy skin is repairing your skin barrier function.

Unfortunately the majority of skincare products are filled up with potentially toxic or useless ingredients - chemical activators, emulsifiers, fragrances all of which irritate the skin and cause underlying issues.

You'll also find water in most skincare to dilute natural actives in order to lower the manufacturing cost. For some reason when water is listed as 'Aqua' it never makes you feel like you're being ripped off. You just feel like you're on holiday in Europe.

None of these ingredients result in better skincare they only reduce the benefits of what natural actives (if any) are in the products. 

What you are left with if you remove these unnecessary harsh ingredients and toxins?

At Terra Tonics we asked ourselves that question and the answer is - 100% active natural plant and mineral compounds which deeply nourish each cell.

So what’s the key to minimal skincare and beautiful skin? 

Firstly we must remove the products which are causing this toxic load on the skin and not keep adding on more products. We need to bring the skin right back to basics. Yes, this also includes makeup - choosing make up thats's natural and uses plant and mineral ingredients.

Replace synthetics with plant and mineral compounds.

These compounds will restore your skin’s natural hydrating processes, strengthen its natural protective barrier and balance PH levels.

Minimal skincare is also cheaper.

Beautiful skin begins with fewer products not more. Fewer and more effective skincare products means less money spent on those we don't need. It's also a plus for the environment by not over consuming, meaning less products ending up in landfill. 

Nature only uses what it requires to thrive, our skin is no different. 

Effortless & Effective skincare with Terra Tonics.