How to avoid dry skin this winter

Here in the southern hemisphere, we're heading into winter. Generally my one response to winter is, 'Noooooooooo!' Let's just say, it's not my favourite season.

One of the most common complaints over winter (aside from 'it's cold') is dry and irritated skin. Not surprising as your skin has heavier external stressors over these months. Cold air, dry indoor heat, paired with low humidity levels, and the dreaded winter wind.

The only worry you should have is why you're not on a tropical beach.

There are some simple things you can do to help your skin during this period.

Stay hydrated.
You may not feel like drinking a lot of water when it's cold, but your body still needs to be hydrated. Granted, you won't need to drink as much as you would in summer but still aim for two to three liters of high quality water a day.

Cut back on exfoliation.
If you're used to exfoliating two to three times a week, then reduce it to once a week as too often during these months will strip your skin of its much needed oils that protect it from external stressors. Elemental Cleanser is incredibly gentle on your skin. Designed not to strip your skin of its oils, so you retain your natural PH, essential not only for dry skin but also when reducing breakouts.

Avoid products that have harsh chemicals or fragrances.
A no brainer for our audience! Your skin has enough to deal with out in the world without adding to the stress at home.

Check your home cleaning products.
You can be very vigilant about your skincare, but have you checked your washing powder and home cleaning products? Traditional products in these categories are packed with harmful chemicals that damage your skin barrier function and your skin's microbiome.

Ok, you're going to hate me.
I'm just going to say it anyway. No long hot showers! Kay, bye! No, seriously, studies have shown that long hot showers and baths dry out your skin. You want the water to be warm, not hot. You're going to really hate me but what's best for your skin is cold showers. Just 30 seconds at the end of your regular shower will improve blood circulation and provide oxygen to the skin. Unlike hot showers, cold showers retain the natural oils that are beneficial. They have a host of other positive effects too. Start with 5 seconds and build up to 30 seconds.

Use quality skincare.
You want to use skincare that addresses the underlying cause of dry skin and not just lather on more and more moisturiser because your skin is dry. More on that below.

Dry skin or, more accurately, dehydrated skin is generally connected to a damaged skin barrier function. And, it's not surprising that so many people suffer from an impaired skin barrier function considering the number of toxins in our day to day environment and the number of toxins we can unknowingly place on our skin.

Dehydrated skin occurs when the oily lipids in the dermal barrier stop functioning and the skin's natural internal moisturising process is disrupted. The good news is when given the proper nutrients and conditions, your dry skin issues can be reversed and healed.

How do you do this? Lose the moisturiser. When you place moisture on the skin surface skin cells receive the signal that they're hydrated from the outside and slow down their skin natural internal hydration processes. The result? Skin cells that no longer hydrate normally from the inside. So begins a never ending cycle of needing more and more moisturiser to avoid dryness.

Only active living ingredients are proven scientifically to change the skin on a cellular level and repair your skin barrier. Once your skin barrier is functioning properly, it'll naturally lock in moisture.

Clean Collagen penetrates the skin to heal it at a cellular level, just as the same compounds heal and regenerate plants.

Terra Tonics gives you the confidence to embrace winter with beautiful skin.