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Living Formulations

If it isn't alive then it isn't working


We all know that junk food is empty calories for the body. Skincare that isn’t bio-active is empty calories for the skin.

Many skincare companies advertise bio-active ingredients, but when you check the contents, the bio-active ingredients are only 1%. 

The other 99% is just filler and synthetics. 

At Terra Tonics, we use only 100% active ingredients. 


What is living, or bio-active skincare?


Living, or bio-active formulations is skincare that is alive. The cellular structure of the plant extracts are as alive in the bottle, as they were in the plant. 

When they are alive the extracts can penetrate to heal, protect and regenerate your skin—just as they would heal, protect and regenerate the plant. 


Your skin barrier function


Nearly all skin conditions can be linked to a damaged skin barrier function - 

- Dry Skin 

- Oily Skin

- Overly Sensitive Skin

- Premature Ageing

- Dull Skin 

There are many stressors and toxins in our modern environment which impair our skin’s natural processes. Add to this harmful skincare products which further prevent our skin from functioning normally.

Terra Tonics skincare heals your skin barrier. This allows your skin to naturally lock in moisture, prevent it from over producing oils and slows down the ageing process by allowing powerful antioxidants to penetrate your skin at the cellular level.

The results? Regenerated, glowing, balanced and hydrated skin.

As Clean Collagen is a multi-directional serum is also addresses -

- Pigmentation

- Sun Spots

- Fine Lines

- Dark Circles

- Skin Cell Turnover


An innovation in the extraction process


When we overcook our food, we destroy all the nutrients. It is the same with natural skincare.

At Terra Tonics, we use an innovative cold liquid extraction closed system to extract nutrients from plants. This process prevents the plant extracts from getting damaged during the extraction process. 

The plant’s resilience and rejuvenation are then delivered directly to your skin—alive.