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Far too often brands including Terra Tonics tend to talk about what’s not in their formulation. So much so we never highlight what’s in the products.


That stops now or at least for us at Terra Tonics.

I agonised over these formulations for years – perfecting them and then having anxiety attacks about whether they would work and then going to the drawing board again to perfect them and then harassing manufacturing in getting the formulations pristine so that when they are used they impart the said benefits without all the window dressing.


Terra Tonics is as pure as pure can be. Instead of throwing some ingredients together – each ingredient has been researched to within an inch of its life, its molecular structure and how it will penetrate the dermal layers to provide the most nourishing and effective effect to the well being of your skin health.


Lets look at Terra Tonics Cellular Hydration. Hyaluronic acid is a wonderful hydrator but did you know that most well meaning brands use either animal derived and/or lab created synthetic forms of hyaluronic that on paper may tick all the right boxes but in reality falls short on delivering any benefits beyond the superficial.


With Cellular Hydration we wanted all the benefits of hyaluronic acid without the known baggage of it being extracted from animals or the purity of the lab creation. We hit the books and spoke to scientist and pharmacologists and settled on using just one plant extract Cassia Angustifolia sourced from a single farm in India and extracted here in Australia.



In the pharmacology world this native Indian plant commonly known as Senna Alexandrina is revolutionising what we know of hyaluronic acid since its discovery in 1934. John Palmer detected it in the vitreous of bovine eyes.  


In skin care products hyaluronic acid is used as a humectant something that can hold on to water which helps hydrate the layers of the skin improving its appearance. It is often touted that a well-hydrated skin is radiant and youthful looking. 


We found Cassia Angustifolia not only displaying all the properties of animal derived or lab created Hyaluronic Acid but also held so many more secrets. We know so little of plants - the largest living entities on earth.


Cassia Angustifolia polysaccharides (Galactomannan) not only mimics hyaluronic acid but studies have demonstrated that it surpasses traditional hyaluronic acid. Its molecular structure is small which enables it penetrates dermal layers to effectively repair dryness, provide long lasting suppleness & moisture. It also exhibits film-forming capacities and retains water on the surface of the skin.


It also functions as an anti-inflammatory and treatment for acne. Additionally the extract is antioxidant and antimicrobial. 


At Terra Tonics like with everything we have taken it up a notch. We have devised Living Formulations where the potency of an ingredient is extracted using waterless technology to replicate how plant molecules will react to your skin.


You see synthetics in skincare are often just one molecule synthesised in a lab to replicate what is found in nature. The idea is you isolate that one active to deliver results.

The problem with this approach is that it removes that molecule from the intelligent plant matrix, where nature designed it to work in synergy with all the other molecules. Just how your body works in harmony with all its cells in communication with one another, the same is true for plants.

So the one ingredient is looking more flash right now right?Terra Tonics Cellular Hydration’s full spectrum botanical hyaluronic acid has the unique capability of making up for the loss of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid in your skin with compounding results. 


Unlike synthetic hyaluronic acid, which leads to dryer skin with sustained use our serum doesn’t need any additional products to lock in moisture. Its low molecular weight also helps to penetrate deep into your dermis to aid moisture regulation keeping skin plump and replenished. 

It never draws any moisture from your skin, a known side effect of synthetic hyaluronic. This 100% active vegan serum mimics naturally occurring hyaluronic acid by working with your own biology. Your skin will never look too wet or dry out. It will be just balanced - ideal for any climate.  

Terra Tonics Cellular Hydration is simply the answer for a well-hydrated skin. 
It feels good to talk about what’s in our skin care because there is much that goes into why we chose specific ingredients and how these can help your understanding of formulations, technologies and your skin health. 


But for some who are still interested in what’ not included in our products here goes: 

Aminomethyl, Artificial Colorant & Flavours, BPA (Bisphenol A), Formaldehydes, Gluten, Irritating Alcohols, Oxybenzone, PEGS, Parabens, Propanol, Resorcinol, Synthetic Fragrance (>1%) , Triclosan, BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole), BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene), Coal Tar, Formaldehyde-Releasing Agents, Hydroquinone, Phthalates, Retinyl Palmitate, Sulfates SLS + SLES, Triclocarban, -1400 EU Banned Ingredients and many, many more. 

Efficacy of leaf extracts of cassia angustifolia

The History of Hyaluronic Acid Discovery