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Skin ageing is part and parcel of life. It is part of the human ageing mosaic that follows different trajectories. 

While ageing of internal organs etc, are masked from the naked eye, the skin provides the first noticeable passing of time.

It can be argued that the eyes are not the windows of the soul, but the skin is. Skin ageing is a complex biological process. The common known causes of ageing can be narrowed down to genetically determined factors (chronoageing,) external factors like UV exposure (photoageing), and chronic inflammation. 

The prime reason for any skin anti-aging therapy is to achieve a healthy, smooth, blemish-free, translucent and resilient skin. In clinical practice, “to look better” doesn’t mean to “look younger.” The desired therapeutic anti-aging effect on the skin is a continuous, step-by step process, which combines various factors—from lifestyle to the immune, genetic, emotional and health status in general.


A healthy and functioning skin barrier is an essential protector against dehydration, penetration of various micro organisms, allergens, irritants, reactive oxygen species and radiation. 


The skin barrier may be specifically adjusted to allow penetration. For this reason, daily skin care may increase skin regeneration, elasticity, smoothness and thus temporarily and effectively change the skin condition.



Terra Tonics succinct daily ritual of Elemental Cleanser, Cellular Hydration and Clean Collagen is designed to stop the degradation of the skin’s primary structural constituents, such as collagen and elastin and to prevent the formation of wrinkles. 

A simple insight to skin ageing is that overall collagen content per unit area of the skin surface is known to decline approximately by 1% each year but effective, thoughtful skincare can reverse this.

We all age but the question we never ask is how we are going to age and how should we age.

A successful ageing paradigm should focus on health and active participation in life, and not just how our skin, face, and body look. Ageing is biological, not pathological. 

Author Deepak Chopra observes, “Human ageing is flexible, not like the aging of other species,” he believes people have self-awareness, and we know how to target our behaviour patterns. The normal experience of the body and its aging is a conditioned response (a habit of thinking and behaviour). 


By changing your habits of thinking and behaviour, people can change the experience of your body and it’s ageing. 


Most people, he continues, think that ageing is irreversible and we know that there are mechanisms even in the human body that allow for the reversal of ageing, through correction of diet, through anti-oxidants, through removal of toxins from the body, through exercise, through yoga, meditation and breathing techniques. 

While natural aging is genetically determined, extrinsic ageing can be prevented. You can free yourself from ageing by reinterpreting your body and by grasping the link between belief and biology.

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