Why is minimal skincare so effective? - Terra Tonics
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Have you ever wondered why many skincare routines require so many steps?

At Terra Tonics, we have delved into this question and uncovered many surprising truths - our skin only needs two things to be healthy: detoxification and the correct nutrients.


Believe it or not, more steps can often mean worse outcomes. In fact, many of the products that we think are helping us - like toners, moisturizers, and aggressive acids - can actually damage our skin's long-term health and make existing concerns, like dehydrated skin, worse.

Mainstream skincare is filled with toxic and ineffective ingredients that irritate your skin and create the underlying issues that prevent your skin from being healthy in the first place.


According to a study by the Environmental Working Group, the average woman uses 12 personal care products a day, containing up to 168 different chemicals. (1) That's a lot of toxic load for our skin to handle!


But what if we removed these unnecessary and often harsh ingredients and toxins? We are left with 100% active natural plant and mineral compounds that deeply nourish each cell.


As Dr. Leslie Baumann, a renowned dermatologist, explains, "the fewer the products, the better the skin. In my opinion, using too many products is the biggest skincare mistake people make." And she's not alone in this sentiment. As industry research leader Dr. Zoe Draelos states, "there is no evidence that a complicated regimen is beneficial. A simpler regimen is often more effective." (3)


The average pH of natural skin is below 5, which is favourable for its resident flora, while most cosmetic and skincare products have a neutral pH of 7. A study by Gueniche et al. found that using a pH-neutral cleanser for 4 weeks altered the skin's microbiota, increasing Staphylococcus aureus and reducing bacterial diversity. (2) Overuse of high pH or harsh skincare products can harm the skin's natural balance. Terra Tonics products have a pH below 5.


According to Dr. Rachel Nazarian, over-cleansing with too many products can lead to irritation, inflammation, and collagen breakdown. (4) Fewer, more effective products can restore skin's natural hydration and reduce the risk of allergies and sensitivities. Minimal skincare is also better for the planet, as it reduces landfill and is more potent.


By removing products that are causing toxic load and not adding more products, we're allowing our skin to begin to breathe and heal. We restore our skin's natural hydrating processes by replacing synthetics with plant and mineral compounds, allowing our skin barrier function to be nourished and work correctly. Fewer and more effective skincare products mean less money spent on multiple ones we don't need. Also, skincare without fillers is far more potent which means you need less of it.
Simplify your skincare routine with Terra Tonics and let your skin thrive with what it needs.


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