Why Terra Tonics(L)
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Why Terra Tonics(L)

For me clean beauty is not an aspiration. It is a reality. I started Terra Tonics out of sheer frustration that so much of what I encountered in the beauty industry was not truly clean in every aspect of the word.

My journey towards Terra Tonics started way before creating our award winning cult favourite, Clean Collagen. I was lucky to have been born into a family entrenched in holistic care. My father was an Ayurvedic doctor and my mum is a certified aromatherapist. I grew up being curious, knowing and embracing the power of herbs and scent.

Later I travelled the world experiencing new sights, sounds and cultures thanks to my foray into modelling. In this realm where created beauty is more idolised than true beauty, I encountered things that I felt should not come in contact with skin.

My skin suffered terribly and I resolved to find a solution.

The beauty industry is a labyrinth, in my opinion, each wanting the Holy Grail of products. There are well meaning people, but the system is convoluted. Take collagen for instance – did you know that skincare marketing collagen is actually made from crushed animal bones all boiled down using toxic chemicals. The US National Library of Medicine says, "Collagen extraction can be carried out from different tissues such as bones, tendons, lung tissue, or even connective tissue."

The 'miracle' ingredient often heralded as the body's scaffolding might be packaged beautifully, but there lies the problem beautiful it may look but at what cost to the animals and the environment.

This spurred me forward in creating our first product – Terra Tonics Clean Collagen. It truly arose from necessity and me genuinely wanting a product that encapsulates the wonders of collagen but done purely without any harm and through the ingenuity of plants.

Right then and there I realised that Terra Tonics is about possibilities.

Creating botanical solutions to modern problems is in my blood thanks to my heritage. My parents taught me the importance of connecting with the natural world and the incredible healing and medicinal power of plants. Instead of chemicals, essential oils, herbs, and botanicals were our first aid kit and pharmacy.

Terra Tonics is undiluted living formula, 100% bioavailable, and highly effective. Made responsibly in the hinterlands of Australia and bottled with reason in special Miron glass.

It's never been just about skincare for us. It's about choosing to do better, feel better, and to live better. Our mission is to always create the most effective and sustainable solutions to support a lifestyle of care for oneself.

Terra Tonics is skincare, as it should be created without fear or favour. 

Bhavna Suri