Undiluted Botanical & Mineral Skincare


Undiluted Botanical & Mineral Skincare

If I could only use one product for the rest of my life... it would be this. wow wow wow!! This product is going places! I had a wary moment when I started using this product because I have dry skin and I am always applying moisturisers to hydrate. With the Clean Collagen, there is no need for a moisturiser. My face and my neck are so plump and hydrated. The product is potency in a bottle, no water or fillers, just plant magic! I will never be without a bottle of this in my beauty cabinet.

Kayleigh H

I am blown away by my under eye results from the Clean Collagen after you mentioned it could be used in that area a few weeks ago. I’m actually shocked in the reduction in the dark circles. I have never seen my eyes look like that! I studied beauty therapy and had a huge interest in advanced skin care/cosmeceuticals and products that actually deliver results and I am so thrilled to have found clean collagen!

Sarada S

I work in the cosmetics industry and I had tried hundreds of products. I am definitely impressed by Terra Tonics. I decided to try exclusively the products for two weeks to see if I could observe a change on my skin. My skin feels definitely more plumped, less breakout and more hydrated. The serum has a texture which is easily absorbed by the skin and you don’t need much for the all face. The cleanser leaves the face perfectly clean without drying out the skin. Thank you Terra Tonics for these great products!!

Charlotte R

This beautiful lil bottle completely cured my Rosacea!! I’ve been suffering for years and trying every clean product I can!! Nothing even came close to Clean Collagen!! Thank you so much, Terra Tonics + Bhavna

Brook F

Absolutely loving this product. My skin has cleared, is more plump, soft and hydrated after only a week. It’s such a gorgeous product to use and feels amazing on the skin. I haven’t come across a product with such visible results in a long time... this will be my go-to product from now on.

Lynn, The Beauty Advent Calendar

It’s been a long time since a product has impressed me. Both my partner and myself are absolutely hooked on this serum. The fact that this product does everything I need it to at night time means my skincare routine has been cut in half. I love how it feels and the thing that impressed me the most is how my skin looks the next morning! Incredible!

Ruchi P

I have used many many products to try and hydrate my face, they last a couple of hours and then I feel as if my face is cracking. Then I used this....it is my holy grail! It hydrates, plumps and lasts all day. All organic, it’s the best, I love it ❤️

Colleen C