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"Bhavna Suri is a changemaker in the beauty space creating Terra Tonics to ensure she knew exactly what was going in the products she personally used, and what was going on her skin. She was lucky enough to be born into a family of natural therapists, so her curiosity and deep understanding of the importance of skin care and nurturing from within started young. 


Terra Tonics is effective, undiluted plant-based skincare created harnessing the power of Australian and Indian pure botanicals. Each Living Formulation is 100% bioavailable, made responsibly in the hinterlands of Australia and bottled in Miron glass.


To celebrate our collaboration, CIRKULAR asked Bhavna a few questions to impart her wisdom and help further educate us all in the art of clean beauty."


C: Bhavna, thankyou for offering our VIP customers this beautiful opportunity to trial your products. Your journey has been life long, what is the number one piece of advice your parents taught you that saw you want to create your own business in the beauty space?


From watching how my parents lived to how they chose to present in the world, an important message/advice for me was living with kindness and in your truth. When I watched my father and mother, I always admired seeing them doing what they loved but also embodying it in their lives. Terra Tonics came into fruition from my deep personal values and from these values I saw and felt change was needed in the space that I was a part of - The beauty industry. With the upbringing I had and the rituals I was bought up with, it felt so right. 


C: Currently you have three products in the Terra Tonics family, do you plan to release more? What would be your next product release that you think your customers need in their daily routine?


Terra Tonics Living Formulations offer highly effective and simple rituals that create space for connecting in with ourselves and nature daily. With this at our core we will only be releasing products that I believe are truly a way to embody this, don’t exist on the market and dramatically enhance your skin health. 


With this in mind I am very excited to mention we do have a new product in the works. A formulation and ingredients unlike any other and an ode to my upbringing.


C: The lucky 15 that receive your products to trial, what are some words of advice and skin care routines you would suggest they include in their rituals?


Remember less is more. This idea that more products = more results is what can create an overload on the skin and long-term skin concerns.


With skin health and inner health, we want to remember these are connected so pairing your daily skin rituals with the same care for what we put into our bodies is so important.


C: Outside of your beauty routine, what other ways do you live sustainably and embed this ethos into your everyday life?


For me continuously learning in how I can do better what's important to me. Choosing to live a more toxic free lifestyle at home and with the products/food/clothing I purchase/use daily, shopping local, supporting eco-friendly businesses, eating organic and plant based, buying second hand and composting are few ways I try to be a part of doing better.


"Education in the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."


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