Terra Tonics, Skinimalism at its Finest
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There has been a trend bubbling in skin care circles for the past few months, and it is Skinimalism. I know you are perplexed – what now?

Whether you have been Marie Kondo-ing your living space or just tired of increasingly complex skin care routines - skinimalism not only makes sense but also is profoundly logical.


New York board certified dermatologist Dr Sejal Shah explains it perfectly.


"Skinimalism is a movement toward embracing your real skin — less makeup and fewer beauty products — and allowing your natural glow to shine as opposed to heavy layers of makeup and contouring that often reflect unrealistic beauty standards commonly seen on social media."

She adds.

"Rather than giving up all of your products and makeup, skinimalism is about focusing on the products that can benefit your skin and not necessarily hiding every imperfection. The idea behind minimalism is to use the least number of products to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy."


The term says it all 'minimalism in your beauty regime.' The less is more approach produces results that are just as or, with the right products, even more, effective and noticeable as extensive regimes.


The result? A simplified skin care routine that'll save you time, money, and unnecessary frustrations — all while being more fine-tuned to the planet. Fewer products equal less packaging and less waste.


At the core of skinimalism is to banish beauty ideals and the idea of "covering up" or "fixing flaws." Skinimalism is about the confidence for you to go unfiltered, 'true' and embrace the real you. After all, beauty is about enhancement, not disguise. 



Beauty is about enhancement, not disguise.

So what does your skin really need? A good cleanser to start your routine is a must. Terra Tonics Elemental Cleanser with just 10 ingredients packs a mighty punch.


This storied and multi awarded cleanser ticks all the right boxes. It is a pure living formulation that cleanses without stripping, priming your skin for nourishment.


A skinimalist regimen also requires hydration and nourishment.


Terra Tonics Cellular Hydration is a prime example of unparalleled hydration. This pure plant antioxidant complex derived from a single botanical is independently proven to hydrate 4 times more than any synthetic hyaluronic acid. 


And for nourishment, you cannot pass Terra Tonics Clean Collagen containing just 5 whole-plant extracts and nothing else. These plant compounds work intrinsically on your skin as they would in the plant - healing, protecting, and regenerating. And helps repair your skin barrier to address oily, dehydrated and combination skin. The added 4% Bakuchiol, nature's retinol, also gives you the results of retinol, without any side effects.


Terra Tonics trinity of products is skinimalism at its best. This new approach to skin care comes about due to frustration, green washing, products that are chock full of fillers, binders and lack of proven results. None of which burdens Terra Tonics – which is on a mission to save your skin, money, planet and save you from being overwhelmed by products.


Consistency is key in any routine to procure long lasting, life changing results. Terra Tonics skin care routine can offer far reaching results in weeks and a new glow within days. 


More importantly, results that compound over time.