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Born out of frustration Terra Tonics began with one product Terra Tonics Clean Collagen. I first realised that everything is not what it seems during my modelling years. I reacted to everything that was applied but back then I sucked it up and did the job. But when the time came for me into indulge and to look after my skin I wanted something completely different. 


My research kept coming up with how good collagen was for the skin. But most of the collagen on the market then and now is so much of the same – there was nothing sacred in the ingredients however ‘green’ the product’s marketing presented. 


The collagen in most products is sadly derived from some part of an animal. These were then boiled down using toxic chemicals. The US National Library of Medicine says, "Collagen extraction can be carried out from different tissues such as bones, tendons, lung tissue, or even connective tissue."


This made me feel physically sick.


There must be a better way forward without hurting animals. I knew that the profound benefits of collagen could be achieved without cruelty. 


Collagen is comprised of amino acids, with vitamin C being the master regulator, which synthesises collagen production so your body can turn on its collagen gene. This can all be achieved with plants. (1) 




The journey to formulating the serum also led me to question how skincare is made. I began noticing how many products advertised a hero ingredient, but when I delved into the complete ingredient list the hero ingredient buried down among up to 50 other ingredients. 


If you don't know - skincare ingredients, by law, have to be listed in the order of the amount used to make up a product - from most to the least in the composition. Worth remembering the next time you're out shopping.


I also started to question why products needed so many ingredients to make them effective. Experimentation showed that using the correct botanicals in their undiluted form required fewer ingredients, not more.


With much persistence, I found a way we could scrap the ‘usual' way of doing things and reimagine the entire process. 

Terra Tonics Clean Collagen contains five potent botanicals, each with its own unique and multi-directional benefits. 


Kakadu Plum (Terminalia Ferdinandiana) - The world's highest source of Vitamin C, the foundation of collagen production.

Finger Lime (Citrus Australasica) - Helps to lock moisture in the skin, supporting your skin's collagen.

Mountain Pepper Berry (Tasmannia lanceolata)  - Stimulates up to a two-fold increase in the synthesis of collagen & elastin. 

Native River Mint (Mentha Australis) - Potent antioxidant and anti-microbial, supports skin by keeping it clear of environmental toxins.

Bakuchiol 4% (an extract derived from the leaves and seeds of the babchi plant) - Works in tandem with Kakadu Plum and Mountain Pepper Berry to stimulate collagen production along with a host of other benefits.


I still remember the euphoric rush I felt when I heard back from the trial group about the results they were experiencing. People not only reported healthier, glowing complexions, but skin irritations that had persisted for years had gone away. I knew then that Clean Collagen was something special, and I couldn't wait to get it out to the world. 


When it was launched, I was humbled by the overwhelming positive reviews and testimonials about how Terra Tonics Clean Collagen was redefining people’s skin care. I was energised to keep going and knew Terra Tonics would be all about possibilities and solutions.



(1) “Effect of vitamin C and its derivatives on collagen synthesis and cross-linking by normal human fibroblasts,” Boyera N, Galey I, Bernard BA. 1998https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/18505499/