Why Terra Tonics 

Terra Tonics has never just been about skincare for me, it's a choice, a choice to do better, feel better and live better. To create long-term skin health for people and protect our planet.

I can trace the origins of Terra Tonics back to 2011. It was around then, caring for my skin became very important. I had just begun working as a model, and over the next few years with the continuous use of makeup, skin, and hair care products I saw significant changes in my skin. I started to notice it was congested and felt dry and raw all the time. Like many people having trouble with their skin, I begun paying very close attention to my skincare routine and trying everything - high-end brands, 5 to 8 step skincare, moisturises, toners, repair nighttime treatments! If you've heard of it, I tried it! It cost me a lot of time and money, and not only did I see no change in my skin, it actually became worse.

After much trial and error, it dawned on me that I'd overlooked the most critical factor, the ingredients! So begun the research phase and I was shocked to find out what was in the skincare and makeup I was using. No wonder my skin had become so sensitive with all these chemicals and alcohol it was having to deal with daily. After endless hours on google the answer I kept coming back was nature.

It wasn't surprising, in fact my life had gone full circle. Growing up, my father owned an Ayurvedic clinic in the UK. My mum was an aromatherapist. Instead of chemicals, essential oils were our first aid kit and pharmacy at home. I'd grown up with his stuff yet I'd almost forgotten it in my rebellious teen years and early adult life. I realised that finding natural solutions to modern problems was in my blood.

Years of learning, sourcing, and researching brought me to one key factor in skin health, collagen. Collagen became an obsession. I began seeing collagen products everywhere. They had great advertising, but I could find little science to back up the claims made. Also, the other untold story of collagen products is that they contain either crushed animal bones and tendons or fish scales. I found this disgusting. Both practices are incredibly harmful to our planet and unspeakably cruel. Let alone, I couldn't imagine rubbing that on my skin.

The more I looked into collagen, the more I realised a better option could exist, one backed by science and benefited not just human health but animal and planetary health. Our first and award-winning product Clean Collagen was born.

Terra Tonics is a new way of doing skincare with genuinely effective ingredients, ONLY sourced from nature and aligned with OUR biology all while protecting Mother Nature with EVERY choice we make as a company. I don't talk about or make anything that I don't use or live by myself; Terra Tonics reflects a journey to a better future.