Our formulations deliver the highest level of pure ingredients that penetrate deeply into the skin for healing and nourishment. Every product is a precise blend of potent, plant-derived and mineral constituents proven to be powerfully effective, safe, and shelf-stable.

The Science

There has been much ground made in recent years with the emergence of new technologies of extraction which enable the bioactivity and molecular structure of plant extracts to be retained during the extraction process. Previously they were destroyed during the extraction process, or shorty after. This has allowed us to create formulations which harness nature’s qualities of healing and rejuvenation which match and exceed cosmeceuticals. Truly, Living Formulations. 


Plant extracts


Topical application of vitamin c for collagen production 


Bakuchiol anti ageing | natural retinol



Bakuchiol for the treatment of acne







Our Ingredients

We only use ingredients which are bioactive. If an ingredient is not bioactive it is pointless as nutrients are unable to be utilised by your body. Due to a revolutionary dual-extraction technique enables our serums to retain their bioactivity and are shelf-stable for 12 months. Our mineral powders are freeze-dried to lock in nutrients. Where possible, all our ingredients are wild-harvested, so they absorb the nutrients from their natural environments.

Free From Fillers & Chemicals 

On average, a person uses up to 500 + synthetic chemicals on their body everyday without realising. 60% of the chemicals we put on our skin are absorbed into our bodies.

Many of these synthetic chemicals are proven to be harmful.

Terra Tonics is unequivocally free from chemicals. 

Our products are created to repair and rejuvenate your skin for the longterm-not add to the toxins that your body has to deal with on a daily basis.

Terra Tonics is free from filler ingredients that do one thing only - improve profit margins, not skin health.

Every ingredient in Terra Tonics is chosen for its unique skin health benefits. We don’t cut corners, and we direct the profits from our sales into producing the highest quality skincare-not into expensive marketing campaigns.

Why Plant Based Collagen 

Plant-based ingredients have been proven to be far more effective at increasing collagen production than animal sources because they support our body’s natural ability to create collagen.

Animal sources can only replace lost collagen, though, this speculation more than science as there are no studies which prove it. Assuming they do work, the analogy that best suits this approach is - pouring water into a bucket with a hole it in. Rather than fixing the hole you keep pouring water in. 

Animal Based Collagen 

The majority of the collagen supplements are animal-based collagen supplements. This means these supplements come from the ground up hooves, hides, bones, fish scales and the joints of animals.

Most animal collagen is a by-product of factory farming, where pesticides and herbicides like glyphosate are stored in the bones.

Companies that make these animal-based collagen supplement powders or skincare and  transform from these animal by products and people put them in their smoothies or rub them on their skin.

The idea behind these supplements is that by taking animal collagen, you can replace the collagen levels in your body which are supposed to replace the collagen you’ve lost. As we’ve said before, this isn’t an effective way of maintaining your collagen. 

There are other issues with these supplements, too. The first issue is contaminants are often found in animal-based collagen supplements. These contaminants include antibiotics, prescription drug metabolites, steroids, insecticides, and parabens. 

None of these are good for your body.

Secondly, the we all know of the environmental impact to our planet of animal farming and the devastation to our oceans with overfishing.

The future is plants. 

Founder - Bhavna Suri