Can I use Clean Collagen whilst pregnant?

Yes! Bakuchiol, the botanical active retinol mimicking agent in Clean Collagen doesn’t come with the negative side effects associated with synthetic retinol which means, it is safe to use whilst pregnant. It also doesn't make your skin hyper sensitive to the sun like synthetic retinol.

Why does my skin feel sticky after using Clean Collagen?

It is completely normal for your skin to have a slight tacky or sticky feel in the first week or so. This is actually a good sign that it's working to repair your skin. As it does your skin will more easily absorb the powerful plant compounds and the sticky feeling will reside.
In some cases, people will have a breakout in the first two weeks, again this is a good sign, it means your skin is purging itself of toxins while Clean Collagen repairs it at the cellular level.

Why are there small particles in my serum?

As Clean Collagen is derived from 100% natural sources some of the batches can contain pectins from the Kakadu Plum. A Pectin is a part of the plant biology and consists of a complex set of polysaccharides that are present in cell walls of the fruit. It is completely safe and highlights the purity of the serum.
All the extracts contained in Clean Collagen are in a state of constant flux and go through colour and sediment changes depending on the season and batches. This is a natural process that occurs in nature.

If you find Pectins please just give the bottle a little shake.

Once you rub the serum between your hands they will dissipate and be deeply absorbed by your skin.

How often can I use Clean Collagen? 

You can use Clean Collagen both in the morning and the evening. Given its purity you may find you only need to use it once a day. If you use it once a day we generally recommend using it at night. 

How do you source your ingredients?

We and our partners work closely to ensure high standards of production, fair-trade, and regenerative harvesting practices are upheld. All our native ingredients are sourced from their indigenous regions. All of our carbon emissions as a result of shipping are offset.

Each of our ingredients is tested for its purity, this is an ongoing process. We’re here to create products that not only deliver longterm results but equitable outcomes for everyone in our supply chain.

Can I use other products with Clean Collagen. 

Clean Collagen is powerful enough to be used on its own as it works to repair underlying conditions that lead to the majority of skin issues.

If you'd like to use other products we recommend a high quality all natural oil. Please wait one to two minutes after applying Clean Collagen before using the oil.

Please do not use a moisturiser with Clean Collagen as it will impair the bioactive ingredients.

We also recommend all natural makeup. 



Can I use Elemental Cleanser day & night?

Yes! Elemental is designed to be gentle enough to use day and night. Depending on your environment you may find you just need to use it at night.

How long do I leave it on for?

Anywhere from 1 to 2 minutes depending on the depth of clean you’re after. You are also able to customise it to suit the type of cleanse you need. Add more water for a light cleanse or less for a deeper cleanse.

Does Elemental Cleanser remove makeup?

Yes Elemental Cleanser can double as a makeup remover! It’ll remove everything aside from waterproof makeup.

What are the particles in Elemental Cleanser?

The parcels are from the Sсhіzаndrа Berry. This powerful antioxidant protects the skin whilst helping to absorb pollutants.


Is Terra Tonics cruelty-free?

100% Cruelty Free. We never test on animals, nor will we ever. Our products are only tested on people, and we test them on ourselves first!

Our products also don’t contain chemicals, toxins, parabens or fillers of any kind. Many of these are harmful to our bodies as well as having devastating effects on marine life when they enter our water systems.

Our philosophy is to only use ingredients that benefit our skin, our bodies, and our environment.

Are Terra Tonics products all natural?

Yes. We make all of our products with 100% natural ingredients.

Some natural ingredients can degrade quickly. To ensure the shelf life and bioactivity of these vital ingredients, sometimes we are required to add a non-harmful salt based persevere.

When a preservative must be used, we use the least amount possible. We are always honest about the use of these ingredients, and they are easy to find on our products and website. No hidden drop drowns! 

We want to heal our skin and our planet by never wavering with our ingredient choices. If it’s not safe, stable or natural—we won’t use it.

Where and how are your products made?

Each of our products, from experimentation and formulation to design and bottling, happens in Australia.

Each product takes between 9 –18 months to formulate and test. It is a meticulous process, which ensures the best possible results.

All our plant extracts come from a revolutionary dual extraction method which ensures bio availability for the entirety of the shelf life for the product. All minerals and plant powders are organic, sustainably sourced and wild harvested where possible.

Will your products fix my skin problems?

Our products are designed to work in harmony with various skin types. The clean, high quality ingredients are fully active to give your skin results.

As everyone's skin type is different, effects may vary.

There are a number of things that contribute to unhealthy skin. Firstly, skincare and makeup that contain toxic ingredients can clog pores and damage the skin’s natural ability to regulate itself. Our products do not use toxic ingredients.

Diet and hydration also play major roles in the health of skin. Science increasingly tells us of the importance of the gut micro-biome and of the skin’s micro-biome. Getting enough high quality, filtered and mineral-rich water is vital for skin health also.

You can read more here:
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We pride ourselves on bringing you nature in its pure form, so that your skin looks and feels its best.

If, for whatever reason, you’re not satisfied after using a Terra Tonics product, please contact us at care@terratonics.com.au. You can read our RETURN AND EXCHANGE POLICY here.

What is the shelf life of your products?

The ingredients in our products are tested for safety and stability for 12-18 months. Please check the box to view the products expiry.

We use natural ingredients in our products, and many are wild harvested. The colour of organic fruits can can vary from season to season, and our products can change shades over their shelf life. This does not affect the active benefits or the safety of the product.