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Sustainability (L)

Often the personal care industry has put profit before planet. This is changing for the better, but not quick enough.

At Terra Tonics, we do not think of sustainability as an afterthought or as a marketing crutch - it is who we are.

From concept to shelf, we pursue the highest standards of making our planet a better place in every way.

From the very beginning, we pledged that our range of plant and mineral based products will restore, improve and heal your skin, but in pursuit of great effective skin care, we will not sacrifice sustainability and working towards a better environment.

Now more than ever, we realise that we are a part of a connected system. Our skin health is a reflection of our internal health, and our overall health is a reflection of our environmental health.

As individuals and business owners, we believe that we have an obligation to find creative tenable solutions to the current unsustainable, single-use products. The search for creative solutions excites us. It drives us to make meaningful changes in how skincare is produced, consumed and how it impacts individuals and the planet.

Terra Tonics continuously works to keep our footprint to the minimum in every aspect of our business, from sustainable ingredient sourcing- recycled packaging- to carbon offset shipping. We are determined to significantly reduce and eventually stop non-renewable resource consumption.

We are passionate not just about healthy skin but healthy environments. People need nature, not landfill.

We want to recycle waste and create closed loop renewable infrastructure that is not just sustainable but regenerative.

We take our role seriously in helping to heal our planet.

Terra Tonics is about possibilities.