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Winter Skin Saviour: Discover the Secret to Lasting Hydration.


You love your HA serum for that instant plumping effect. But did you know it could be secretly drying out your skin?

What big skincare brands won't tell you is that synthetic HA is like a mirage in the desert. It temporarily hydrates the surface but drains moisture from deeper layers, leaving your skin drier, resulting in you layering on more and more products. 

There's a better solution if you're sick of battling dry, flaky skin, especially during harsh winters.

"This is the only thing that's worked in the harsh Canadian winters." - Tanvi S


"So glad I had this recommended to me by my facialist. No hydration product has ever come close to this." - Phillippa L


"I have tried many hyaluronic acid products but none have gave my skin the hydration of Cellular Hydration." - Ruki

With Cellular Hydration, we wanted all the benefits of hyaluronic acid without the baggage of its extraction from animals or the issues with lab creations.

Our single hero ingredient in Cellular Hydration, Cassia Angustifolia, displays all the properties of animal-derived or lab-created Hyaluronic Acid and holds many more secrets.  

Cassia Angustifolia polysaccharides (Galactomannan) not only mimic hyaluronic acid found in your skin, but studies have demonstrated that they surpass traditional hyaluronic acid. Their small molecular structure enables them to penetrate dermal layers to effectively repair dryness and provide long-lasting suppleness and moisture. They also exhibit film-forming capacities and retain water on the skin's surface.

Studies have shown an increase of up to 4X better and longer hydration than synthetic HA.

It also functions as an anti-inflammatory and treatment for acne. Additionally, the extract is antioxidant and antimicrobial

Like everything at Terra Tonics, we have taken it up a notch. We have devised Living Formulations in which the potency of an ingredient is extracted using waterless technology to replicate how plant molecules will react to your skin.

So, the one ingredient is looking more flashy right now. Terra Tonics Cellular Hydration's full-spectrum botanical hyaluronic acid uniquely compensates for naturally occurring hyaluronic acid loss in your skin with compounding results. 

Unlike synthetic hyaluronic acid, which leads to dryer skin with sustained use, our serum doesn't need additional products to lock in moisture. 

Its low molecular weight also helps it penetrate deep into the dermis to aid moisture regulation, keeping skin plump and replenished. 

By working with your biology, this 100% active vegan serum mimics naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. Your skin will never look too wet or dry. It will be just balanced—ideal for any climate.  

Experience deeply hydrated skin all year with Terra Tonics Cellular Hydration.


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