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Cellular Hydration - is a plant antioxidant complex derived from a single botanical extract, Cassia Angustifolia. 

This 100% active serum naturally mimics hyaluronic acid, proven to deliver 4X longer and more hydration than synthetic hyaluronic acid.


Dehydration of the skin is one of the main factors in skin ageing.

Hyaluronic acid is essential for skin hydration and the support of vital skin function. It helps to regenerate and slow the ageing process.

This full spectrum botanical hyaluronic acid has the unique capability of making up for lost, naturally occurring hyaluronic acid in your skin, without the ethical and synthetic chemical issues correlated to other hyaluronic acid products.

Cellular Hydration adjusts its water retention based on the humidity of the air, so your skin will never look too wet or dry out.

Its low molecular weight penetrates your dermis easily to secure moisture to support skin elasticity and structure for the ultimate skin nutrition.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Cruelty-Free | Sustainable | Organic


- Unparalleled moisture & skin conditioning
- 4 x longer and more hydration than synthetic hyaluronic acid
- Adjusts hydration based on the humidity
- Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
- Plums skin
- Supports the elasticity and structure of your skin
- Helps replace your skin's native hyaluronic acid
- Promotes skin repair
- Reduces inflammation & skin irritations
- Healthy ageing


Cassia Angustifolia (Senna Alexandria)

(The water-soluble nature of the polysaccharides in the seeds have a unique ability to retain water.

Whilst adjusting their water retention based on the humidity of the air.

Sodium Benzoate 2% (salt-based preserver).

How To Use

Apply 1-2 pumps to cover the face and 2-3 pumps to cover the entire face and décolletage.

Apply to dry skin before sunscreen.

Can be used morning and night.

If pairing with Clean Collagen apply Cellular Hydration first and wait two to three minutes between applications.

*Please do not use a moisturiser with Cellular Hydration as it will impair the bioactive ingredients.


Very light and silky, more consistent with water than oil.

Our serums' texture may feel different from every other skincare you've tried because we don't use thickening agents or synthetics of any kind, just the undiluted, full matrix of plants.


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Cellular Hydration


One Incredible Botanical 

Cassia Angustifolia (Senna Alexandria) - has the unique ability to retain water and naturally mimic hyaluronic acid found in your skin. Proven to deliver 4 times longer and more hydration than synthetic hyaluronic acid.

This full spectrum botanical adjusts its water retention based on the humidity of the air, so your skin will never look too wet or dry out.

Cellular Hydration supports the elasticity and structure of your skin whilst deeply moisturising it. Aiding in healthy ageing by reducing fine lines & wrinkles whilst promoting skin repair.

It is a dual acting and potent antimicrobial, helping to reduce inflammation & skin irritations.

The small molecular size of these plant compounds penetrate your dermis easily and work to repair your skin at the cellular level. All animal based sources of hyaluronic acid have a molecular size too large to penetrate the dermis resulting in skincare that sits on the surface of your skin.

Support your skin with the undiluted power of plant compounds.

Cellular Hydration is sourced for a single Indian farm and extracted with the revolutionary cold liquid extraction method in Australia.

Living Formulations 

Living skincare is 100% active skincare.

Synthetics in skincare are often just one molecule synthesised in a lab to replicated what is found in nature. The idea is you isolate that one active to deliver results.

The problem with this approach is that it removes that molecule from the intelligent plant matrix, where nature designed it to work in synergy with all the other molecules. Just how your body works in harmony with all its cells in communication with one another, the same is true for plants.

The power of undiluted full spectrum plant compounds offer unparalleled results for your skin.

Sourced from the plant kingdom and extracted with cutting edge technology.

Undiluted with no fillers or synthetics.

Absolutely love Cellular Hydration. A little goes a long way, I use it every day for an Instant & intensive hit of hydration. It’s safe and gentle, for me and the universe. Upon application of the serum, the skin feels deeply moisturised, nourished, smooth and soft. Lasts all day, I love it.

Colleen C

To be honest I was dubious about the need to add another product to use in conjunction with Elemental Cleanser and Clean Collagen - I was already 100% happy with the results I was getting. However, I have been blown away by the improvement in both the hydration and the tone of my skin by incorporating Cellular Hydration into the mix. My skin is brighter, feels amazing and fine lines are far less visible. I am in my 50s and spend a lot of time in air conditioned environments, so this is a welcome surprise. I'll be recommending this product to my friends and I wouldn't be without it now.

Vanessa F

I’ve been using a trial bottle of the Cellular Hydration for a while - every winter I suffer with tight, dry skin, but not this year. This is magic. Never liked hyaluronic acid before, as somehow it always left my skin drier, but used with Clean Collagen this left it soft, plump and comfortable even on low humidity cold Sydney days. I’ll probably use it on its own over summer too :). Can’t recommend highly enough.

Tracey M

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews Write a review

Better together

Clean Collagen 

A world leading innovation in plant based skincare. Clean Collagen carefully combines natural retinol with collagen promoting compounds derived from pure plant extracts.

Each ingredient is 100% active to stimulate collagen production. Bakuchiol, natural retinol gives you the results of retinol, without any of the side effects.

Balancing your natural oils & combination skin. Hydrates, reduces fine lines & repairs skin at the cellular level to leave you with a plump and radiant complexion.

Containing 5 whole-plant extracts and nothing else. These plant compounds work on your skin as they would in the plant - healing, protecting & regenerating.

No fragrances, harmful chemicals, fillers of any kind or even water, just the whole bio-active extracts from plants.

Cellular Hydration
Cellular Hydration

Cellular Hydration

Cellular Hydration + Clean Collagen
Cellular Hydration + Clean Collagen

Cellular Hydration + Clean Collagen

Cellular Hydration + Clean Collagen + Elemental Cleanser
Cellular Hydration + Clean Collagen + Elemental Cleanser

Cellular Hydration + Clean Collagen + Elemental Cleanser

Clean Collagen
Clean Collagen

Clean Collagen