Terra Tonics Clean Collagen
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Terra Tonics Clean Collagen

Terra Tonics Clean Collagen
Terra Tonics Clean Collagen
Terra Tonics Clean Collagen

Terra Tonics Clean Collagen

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Multi-Award-Winning Serum

Bio-Active Plant Serum + Natural Retinol 

Confident, youthful skin begins and ends with collagen.

Multi-award-winning, cult product Terra Tonics Clean Collagen is a world-first, highly potent plant-based collagen.

Clean Collagen doesn't treat symptoms but awakens your skin's innate regenerative power. Collagen production increases, wrinkles soften, and your natural radiance emerges, not as a temporary mask but as a vibrant expression of your skin's true potential.

Each ingredient is 100% bioavailable. Meticulously chosen and scientifically proven to stimulate your skin's biology to naturally upregulate collagen production.

No fragrances, harmful chemicals, fillers of any kind or even water. Just the whole bio-active botanical extracts.

Ethically sourced and cold liquid extracted suspending the full plant matrix for maximum potency.


We are so confident that if you don't see results in 30 days we offer your MONEY BACK.


    Terra Tonics Clean Collagen directly addresses collagen loss at its root. 

    To restore and maintain youthful, plump and toned skin.

    Over time, collagen in the deep skin layers changes from a tightly organised network of fibres to an unorganised maze, leading to a breakdown of its structure. Resulting in wrinkles, decreased tightness and elasticity.

    Terra Tonics Clean Collagen helps your skin produce more collagen naturally resulting in restored structure, increased plumpness and a reduction of fine lines.

    This multidirectional serum also repairs your skin barrier function to address oily, dehydrated and combination skin.

    Find out for yourself why it has become our cult product.


    - Increased natural collagen production
    - Reduced wrinkles and fine lines
    - Heals dry skin
    - Balances oily skin
    - Increased plumpness and glow
    - Antimicrobial for decreased redness
    - Under-eye support
    - Protection from free radicals
    - Skin barrier function restoration and protection
    - Prevents breakouts
    - Sun and pregnancy safe

  • Ingredients

    JUST 5

    Powerful Botanicals. 

    - Kakadu Plum* The world’s highest source of Vitamin C in the world and the foundation of collagen production. Potent anti-wrinkle activity.

    - Finger Lime* Potent protection from free radicals. Significant active for healing your skin barrier. Locks in hydration for healthy-ageing.

    - Mountain Pepper Berry* Maintains tissue vitality, brightening & hyperpigmentation. Stimulates up to a two-fold increase in the synthesis of collagen & elastin.

    - Native River Mint* Potent antioxidant activity. Antimicrobial for the prevention of acne. Reduces fine lines. Under-eye support.

    - Bakuchiol 4%* The only natural retinol proved to mimic the benefits of synthetic retinol without the sun sensitivity, skin dryness and flakiness. Works in tandem with Kakadu Plum to stimulate collagen production.

    - Sodium Benzoate 0.5% (salt-based preserver).


    “Bakuchiol and retinol both significantly decreased wrinkle surface area and hyperpigmentation, with no statistical difference between the compounds” however, “the retinol users reported more facial skin scaling and stinging."

    - The British Journal of Dermatology


    Beauty Shortlist Awards


    Global Makeup Awards


    Global Makeup Awards


    Organic Beauty Winner


  • Our Approach

    The majority of skincare products are damaging your skin.

    Even so-called "natural" skincare contains ill-understood, untested ingredients that disrupt the delicate harmony between your skin and its DNA blueprint.

    Our genome, honed over millennia evolved connected to nature's wisdom. Yet, we readily use lab-born concoctions foreign to its biology.

    We consider any product containing ingredients not native to your skin an 'aggressive treatment'. Aggressive treatments might offer fleeting results, but at what cost?

    They can gradually undermine the foundation of youthful vibrancy – your dermis – leading to the very thing you're trying to avoid: the premature breakdown of its structure.

    Terra Tonics takes a very different approach - not just treating symptoms but awakening your skin's innate regenerative power. Collagen production increases, wrinkles soften, and your natural radiance emerges, not as a temporary mask but as a vibrant expression of your skin's true potential.

    Discover the power of skincare aligned with your biology and allow your skin to thrive.

    This isn't just skincare. It's a reconnection. A return to the wisdom encoded in your biology. Where nature's regeneration and your skin are brought into perfect harmony.

    Come home to Terra.

  • How To Use

    - Apply 1-2 pumps to cover the face and 2-3 pumps to cover the entire face & décolletage.

    - Apply to dry skin before sunscreen.

    - Can be used morning & night.

    *Please do not use a moisturiser with Clean Collagen as it will impair the bioactive ingredients.

54 reviews
  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    42 seconds ago

    This product is WILD. I was skeptical because I’ve tried many skincare brands ands and products that have big claims and great reviews and have yet to actually have the results that I’ve seen with this with less than a months use.

    My skin is plump. Fine lines are lessening. My skin barrier is returning and I’m seeing skin I haven’t seen in so many years.

    Great product I will continue to use xx

    Verified Buyer
  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    2 weeks ago
    Does Wonders

    For me, it has always been what’s on the inside that counts. There are countless products in the market with ingredients that we cannot even pronounce or are aware of. In reality, if you actually do your own research, most of them do more damage than good. On a different note, with just a few natural potent ingredients; Terra Tonic’s clean collagen does wonders and transform your skin. With every application you will notice a difference.

    Kelvin W.
    Verified Buyer
  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    2 months ago
    Better than Botox

    This product has been a game changer for the lines I’m getting as I hit my 40s. They have been quite pronounced, and I felt strongly enough to get Botox. It’s not really for me, expensive and with potential side effects after the last treatment I decided to invest in better skin care. This Clean Collagen really helps my skin to look and feel full and soft. I use it at night, every second night, and my skin always looks and feels radiant and dewy in the mornings- a great start to the day!

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"I just look younger. Without Clean Collagen, I would look much older."

- Manu D

"I always get compliments on my skin. The other day, a person commented, 'Someone in their late 20s, like you.' All I thought was well, I'm 39, and that's Clean Collagen."

- Alexandra S


Synthetics in skincare are often just one molecule synthesised in a lab to replicate what is found in nature. These Isolated molecules can be unbalanced and have decreased efficacy. 

Terra Tonics Living Formulations are created in reverence to nature's intelligent design and suspended within each product is the full molecular plant matrix for unparalleled long term results.