Terra Tonics Elemental Cleanser Refill
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Terra Tonics Elemental Cleanser Refill

Terra Tonics Elemental Cleanser Refill
Terra Tonics Elemental Cleanser Refill
Terra Tonics Elemental Cleanser Refill

Terra Tonics Elemental Cleanser Refill

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Terra Tonics Elemental Cleanser is a revolutionary, powerful mineral & botanical formulation, activated fresh with each use.

This high antioxidant blend is designed to carefully and effectively dissolve the bond between dead skin cells and the skin while leaving necessary oils intact.

An undiluted powder to foam cleanser gentle enough for your daily cleanse whilst doubling as an all natural make-up remover. 

It leaves your skin looking and feeling fresh, smooth and rejuvenated with a touch of glow after each use.



  • How To Use

    - To refill, make a small snip in the corner of your pouch.

    - Remove the lid from your Miron Glass Jar and pour in slowly with care.

    - Once you’ve finished with your pouch simply add it to your home compost pile. If you don't have a compost, you can simply place it in your garden or take it to a commercial composting facility.

    - Enjoy your cleanser with zero waste.


    Nourishing Minerals + Botanicals.

    This multi-award winning cleanser is deeply moisturising, helps unclog pores and effortlessly removes make up - making it the best of all worlds.

    Ideal for sensitive skin. 

    Addresses irritation, inflammation and helps with acne prevention. 

    It is without a doubt the perfect cleanser to maintain your skin's natural PH balance.

    Suitable for ALL skin types.

    Combine with Terra Tonics Cellular Hydration and Terra Tonics Clean Collagen to create a unique robust ritual for uncompromising glowing skin.

    Unparalleled botanical and mineral actives for the ultimate skin nutrition.

  • Benefits

    - Absorbs toxins and free radicals
    - Deep nourishment and repair
    - Rejuvenates skin
    - Activated fresh with each use
    - Absorbs excess sebum
    - All-natural makeup remover.
    - Dissolves the bond between dead skin cells and the skin
    - Helps soothe irritation and Inflammation
    - Works on clogged pores
    - Aids with acne prevention
    - Maintains natural PH balance
    - Doesn't strip your essential oils
    - Skin barrier function restoration and protection
    - Microbiome restoration and protection

  • Ingredients

    - White Australian Kaolin Clay

    - Organic Oatmeal Colloidal

    - Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (Coconut Cleansing Agent)

    - Organic Aloe Vera Powder

    - Organic Purple Corn Powder

    - Organic Grapefruit Peel Powder

    - Organic Sсhіsаndrа Bеrrу Powder

    - Organic Cinnamon

    - Organic Vanilla

    - Organic Lemon Oil

49 reviews
  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    1 hour ago

    I bought the clean collagen (yes I like it so far ..day 2) and this cleanser came as a sample… OMG.. buying it, I love it, the way your face feels after a cleanse , wow, it’s been awhile since a cleanser has had me this excited…

    Verified Buyer
  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    11 hours ago
    Amazing product!

    Amazing product, superb customer service! Highly recommend.

    Verified Buyer
  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    1 month ago
    A clean slate

    I love the ritual of preparing Elemental Cleanser but what I really love is that my skin feels like a clean slate each time I use it. I've never used a cleanser that leaves my skin feeling so clear and fresh. It is simple to apply, smells great and actually just does the job without being harsh on the skin. It creates the perfect base for any other Terra Tonics that I choose to use.

    Vanessa F.
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